[ProgressiveEd] Meeting with Joel Klein

Carol Barton [email protected]
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 10:03:02 -0500

You need to keep it small-- have at least one small school administrator,
teacher and parent, from different schools.  Guarantee racial/ethnic
diversity among the group.  Be sure to have a list of all the PENNY schools,
and offer to hand-deliver any of our materials.  Give them something in
writing.  Be clear that we want waivers (but if pushed, want the freedom to
adapt core curriculum to our own style, cultures and current curriculum).
Focus primarily on our need for networks of PENNY schools within new
districts, under like-minded administrators.  Be sure to let him know the
precarious situation many superb schools are in, as districts are dismantled
and we undergo all these changes.  Small schools within schools, run by
directors, do not fit in to the standard bureaucratic structures, and may
get lost in the shuffle.  We need contacts within the system now, urgently,
to work with to help these great schools survive.  Let him know we are ready
to serve as models for his goals, and encourage him to visit more of our
What does this mean for our rally on Wednesday?  How do we work an inside
track of dialogue, and an outside track of pressure at the same time?  It's
possible, as it's important for Klein to see a lot of parents from our
school, but it needs to be finessed.  What did you discuss in this regard at
the meeting last week?
Carol Barton
parent,  Muscota N. School
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Dear folks,
Below is a copy of an email I received yesterday.
Dear Mr. Kanze,
Chancellor Joel Klein would like to set up a meeting with you and
Michele Cahill.  Please call me to schedule this appointment.
Thank you.
Louise Billington
Assistant to Joel Klein
This invitation comes as a result of PENNY's steady work and, in particular,
as a result of Mr. Klein's visit to the Children's Workshop School and East
Village Community School.  It's an opportunity for us to spell out who our
schools are and what we want in this new reorganization.  I need your input
about that and your advice as to how to respond.  I especially want your
ideas about who should be at this meeting.  Thank you.  Bruce Kanze
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