[ProgressiveEd] Draft of Letter to Chancellor Klein

Linda Levy [email protected]
Sun, 23 Mar 2003 19:36:32 -0500

> .  And owe want 
> permission to make decisions about the curricula we will develop in our
> classrooms.  With your support, we feel we'll be able to use your curriculum
> initiatives to extend the work we're doing.  And we'll be able to deepen
> already existing relationships with teaching colleges for staff development.
> We look forward to work with you in your efforts.
  Sorry, but if this is what we're asking, then I see absolutely no reason
to have any kind of demonstration or even meeting with Klein.  This is
EXACTLY what he is proposing -- that we use his curriculum to extend the
work we're doing -- in fact it's almost verbatim what he replied to Sid last
Tuesday night.
So why meet with him or "show strength" if we're just going to let him
impose his curriculum on our schools?
I also am opposed to giving any "gifts" to someone who has done absolutely
nothing for us but grant us a meeting and send a few nice e-mails.  Maybe
because I've had some limited dealings with Klein in the past (or I should
say, my husband has) I am much more cynical.  Just because he's a person in
a position of power, who also has some interest in having a conversation
with us, doesn't mean we should give in before the battle is even over.
I guess you know now how he won the Microsoft case!!!  (yes, he is a good
guy -- he just knows nothing about education!)