[ProgressiveEd] Congratulations

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Wed, 26 Mar 2003 21:08:56 EST

Congratulations to all of the parents, students, teachers, administrators who 
turned out  to our demonstration in front of Tweed. The children were 
beautiful and amazing. They were spirited and creative in their chanting. All 
of the adults were clear and supportive of them. There was a lot of positive 
energy. The signs people made were educational and thought provoking. A lot 
of people on the street were reading them and looked interested in what we 
were saying. It is good that parents and kids got to meet with Michelle 
Cahill. Not so good that we are hearing the same old refrain: You are being 
considered for waivers, on a school to school basis. We want to talk to you 
about literacy and math. Vagueness regarding the issue of networks and 
regional superintendent support. No mention of how programs can become 
schools, etc. Not so good that the Dept. of Ed. is willing to spend 7.5 
million on building 8 classrooms in the Tweed building during a time of 
serious and damaging budget cuts to schools. Well, we will march on. It was a 
pleasure to stand with you on the steps of Tweed. Carol