[ProgressiveEd] School Status

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Mon, 12 May 2003 16:40:29 EDT

Dear friends,
At Friday's PENNY meeting with Mr. Klein and Ms. Cahill, we were assured that 
programs and academies that have been functioning as schools will gain 
official school status right away.  We need your help in order to make sure 
that no school is overlooked.  Please write back immediately and let me know 
the following information:  Your school's name, the number of students in 
your school, whether you've received a pass/waiver/or nothing at all.  We're 
working on a more extensive survey of information.  (It would be best if only 
one person from each school responds.  But please check to make sure someone 
has responded.  I'd rather have duplicate responses than none at all.)  Thank 
you for your quick reply.  
Bruce Kanze
P.S.  I will send out the list of programs/academies on the listserv that we 
recommend become schools to Michele Cahill.