[ProgressiveEd] CEP What has your schools position been?

HARTMAN-KUTNOWSKY, Helene [email protected]
Tue, 20 May 2003 10:06:40 -0400

I am a parent at the Bronx New School and at last night at the SLT,  the
issue of the CEP came up.  We were undecided about whether we should sign
it, now that it reflects what seems to us, a rigid standardized plan.  Our
school did not get a waiver.  We were divided, with most parents feeling
that we should sign the document because it isn't really used for much and
that to make an issue might cause more problems.  Some parents felt that we
should not sign it, because signing it would show some agreement with a plan
that few parents in our school are happy about.  We would like to know how
other schools have handled this issue.
Helene Hartman-Kutnowsky, PA Secretary
The Bronx New School
3200 Jerome Ave.