[ProgressiveEd] PENNY GENERAL MEETING Reminder

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Wed, 28 May 2003 11:35:04 EDT

Dear folks,
PENNY's general meeting is tonight at the Brooklyn New School.  Here are 
directions from an earlier email:  
610 Henry Street:  Take the F train (front of the train) to Carroll Street.  
You'll come out at 2nd Place and Smith Street.  Make a right on 2nd Place, 
walk past Court and then Clinton, to Henry Street.  Turn left on Henry.  The 
school's between 3rd and 4th Place on Henry.
Driving:  Take the tunnel.  It's the first exit.  The zip code is 11231; get 
exact directions on the computer.
Agenda:     Report Back on Klein/Cahill Meeting
                School Status Strategies
                Assessment and Longitudinal Studies
                Parent Choice
                Parent Coordinator
                Layoffs and their Effect on Schools
See you tonight.  
Bruce Kanze