Limited Certificate

Written by Gwen Garrett Joly on 04-14-2003

As you all know, PPT's who have passed all required state exams are eligible to apply for the new Limited Certificate.

Our district currently has approximately 200 of these candidates. As of Friday, 3 had applied for the certificate. Please meet with your teachers and make sure they understand that if they have not achieved certification status and they do not apply for the certificate they will not have a job in September. (A printout was distributed at the last principal's meeting indicating who was eligible for the certificate; please let me know if you need another copy.) We will have recruiters available to review their applications during the spring break; please call Lisa at 752 7344 for the exact days and times. These applications are not to be sent directly to the state; they must be submitted to my office. Also, many of our PPT's have received their certification and have not applied for their NYC license; please urge them to see our recruiters and complete this process ASAP!!! I'm sure some of your PPT's are hoping that they will complete the requirements for certification by June and will then just apply for their NYC license. But, please remember that the state is 10 - 12 weeks behind in processing certificates. I strongly urge you to tell your PPT's to apply for the Limited Certificate and if they achieve certification, they can then apply for their license at that point. They may be able to apply for a refund from the state; but there is no guarantee. But remind them that they will have some teaching license and they can continue to work in September.

Any position currently held by a PPT who has not applied for the certificate, or has not passed the required exams or any PPT who has achieved certification and has not yet applied for their regular NYC license will have their position posted in LAVI as a vacancy for September. I will then begin assigning teachers who were recruited at the various Teacher fairs and other events into those positions in LAVI. I want to make sure that our schools have certified teachers for September.

Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Your humble servant,

Gwen Garrett Joly