BSGE Survey

It would be helpful if you could take a minute to provide us with some information for our Parent Coordinator.
Parent Information
Phone: day evening

Child(ren) Information
Name: Child's Current Grade:
Name: Child's Current Grade:

  1. What is the best way to get information to you?

    Send it home with your child

  2. When is the best time for you to attend meetings?

    in the morning
    in the afternoon
    in the evenings
    on weekends

  3. Please check off all of the events you attended this year:

    Parent/Teacher Conferences
    PTA Meeting
    Workshop/Informational Session
    Student Performance
    Art Auction
    Student Recognition Evening

  4. I would attend more school events if:

    I had sufficient notice
    they were scheduled for a different time
    if childcare was provided
    if translation was available in
    they were of more interest to me
    if I had transportation

I receive emails from the BSGEPTA Yahoo Group
I don't receive emails from the BSGEPTA Yahoo Group, but would like to
I do not want to receive emails from the BSGEPTA Yahoo Group

You can use this space to send any comments or questions. It would be helpful to know what you thought worked well and what you think are areas that can be improved for next year.

Thank you!

Amy Reichel, Parent Coordinator

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