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Bronx Coalition Community School For Technology

1300 Boynton Avenue,
Bronx, NY 10472
Phone: (718) 842-4945
Fax: (718) 842-5226

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Bronx Tech was established in September of 1994. The school represents a partnership between the Alternative High School Division and the Center for Collaborative Education. The school opened with a 9th grade and subsequently, a grade was added each year until the school reached the full enrollment of 325. Bronx Tech is a member of the Monroe Campus High Schools and The Bronx Network of Coalition Schools.

The main goal of Bronx Tech is to teach students to use their minds well in order to become productive adults with a commitment to their comunity. The school was designed as a caring environment with varied opportunities for students to learn. Throughout the exploration of each curricula area, students will demonstrate their ability to use good Habits of Mind. Students will be able to give evidence to support what they know, discuss differing viewpoints, relate connections and see patterns, question the revelance of what they have learned and see alternatives that can initiate change. We endeavor to develop whithin our students life long learning skills that will support productive lives after high school.