ADAM HOROVITZ, �83, of THE BEASTIE BOYS, returned to his Alma Mater, CAS, meeting and talking to students as part of �AFTER SCHOOL�, the WNYE-TV program about CAS that aired in November, 2002. (www.beastieboys.com)

MALIK YOBA, �86 , �ACTORVIST�. (COOL RUNNINGS, NEW YORK UNDERCOVER), recently starred in the play, (WHAT�S ON THE HEARTS OF MEN), a musical by, about, and for men.  He is also involved in creating and producing events �designed � to help men who are fathers gain the necessary tools, information and resources to be more effective parents.� (DADDY CONFERENCE) www.yobaentertainment.com

IRA PEPPERCORN �74, had been the Deputy Commissioner of the Federal Housing Authority but has left the Government to start his own consulting practice to take what he has done domestically and �move it into the international sector�. He�s recently been to Rumania and Bosnia and Hungary and Serbia may be next.

MOS DEF aka DANTE SMITH most recently was in the Broadway play, �Topdog/Underdog�,   His other recent acting credits include Spike Lee�s film �Bamboozle� and �Monster�s Ball�.  He has also recently formed a new band called Black Jack Johnson.  (www.mosdef.com)

SETH ZVI ROSENFELD, �79, is a screenwriter/director whose last film, �King of the Jungle�, starred John Leguizamo.  As one of our special alumni guests, he participated in the WNYE-TV program about CAS, �AFTER SCHOOL�.

EDWINA BASKIN-BEY �91 attended Mt. Sinai Medical School on a full scholarship in the MD-PhD program, and is currently doing her residency in organ transplantation at The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

JULIAN ALONSO, �88, formally of THE SEA GRILL and CAFE CENTRO, is the original and current head chef at BRASSERIE 8 1/2 on W. 57th Street, NYC.

KAMAL AHMED, �91,  is an accomplished bassist and was a member of "The Jerky Boys" (1993-1999).  He sold over 4 1/2 million cd's and was nominated for a Grammy in 1995. He made his directorial debut with a documentary called "Artists of Hell's Kitchen" (which won best Director of a Documentary at The New York International and Independent Film and Video Festival 2000) and has just recently won Best Feature Award at the New York International & Independent Film and Video Festival with a film he wrote and directed called "God Has a Rap Sheet", to be released in the Spring, 2003.(www.GodHasARapSheet.com)

CHARLES MALIK WHITFIELD, �90, is an actor and can be seen in the WCBSTV series �The Guardian� on Tuesday evenings, mustache and all.

TIM HUNTER, �88. was in the original casts of �THE LION KING�,  and �AIDA� and is touring with �AIDA� across the country.

AYODELE MAAKHERU (MARTIN AUBERT) �77, is �still here and walking around the planet, playing music, designing clothes, raising children, running marathons and growing a few gray hairs�. He is a musician, songwriter, performer and teacher: guitar, banjo, mandolin, electric bass, harmonica, ukulele, djembe drum, shakere and voice. �My purpose is the celebration of life through music, movement and word, to encourage wholeness, wellness, love and harmony.� www.MaakheruMusic.com.

ANGELA LIFSEY, 75 , is the Director of Diversity Recruitment, WGBH Boston.  For 21 years, has been a part of the Corporate Communications team at WGBH Boston (a PBS member station).  She is responsible for increasing staff diversity and has been Director of External Relations, overseeing over 20 outreach initiatives; as well as handling national promotion for such award-winning public television series as NOVA, Eyes on the Prize and Americas.

DAVID LIDA, �78, whose book, �TRAVEL ADVISORY�, a collection of short stories set in Mexico, was published in a paperback edition by Perennial. He�s also finishing a novel.

JOEL LOBENTHAL, �77,  has written many articles on dance and is having his book on Tallulah Bankhead published by ReganBooks.

PATTY SMYTHE, �76, Singer. Originally lead singer for the group, �Scandal�, as well as solo recordings.  Currently married to tennis great, John McEnroe.

REBECCA MOORE �86, has recorded her second CD on Knitting Factory Records (�Home Wreckordings 1997-1999�).  She plays all the instruments and recorded it at home over a two year period.  She has spent two months at the prestigious MacDowell Colony,  composing an instrumental CD for composer John Zorn�s label, Tzadik Records.  Her new web site is www.bluviolin.com

CINDY SILVERMAN, �75, is an Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers University.

is currently the Director of Education and Humanities, at The BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC, NYC.  She was recruited by former President and Executive Producer Harvey Lichtenstein to provide executive leadership and vision for programming and education.

IVAN (SASHA) MYJER, �75, was Director of the Stone Program at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. He moved to the Boston area where he started his own business consulting on the conservation of historic stone buildings and monuments.  He has had a number of projects over the years in New York City.  He spent four years directing the work on the exterior of the Cooper Union Building and, for the past 2 years, has been working on the sculpture at the Appellate Court on 25th and Madison. He can trace his interest in all of this to the time he spent interning at the Museum of Natural History and the classes he took with Sylvia Milgrim at MOMA.

CATE (Catherine) ROWEN �87, is currently the coordinator of institutional research at Mount Holyoke College, as well as doing marketing research consulting (surveys, focus groups, data analysis) on a freelance basis.

MARYANNE TRAVAGLIONE, �78, is licensed in traditional Chinese medicine.  She is a partner in SOHO HERBS AND ACUPUNCTURE and an  Associate Professor in the Chinese Medicine Program at MERCY COLLEGE.

HELENE HOLZMAN (GOLDSTEIN) �83, received a Masters in Russian History and Literature from the University of London and studied at The New Seminary in New York, where she was ordained as an Interfaith Minister and performs customized wedding ceremonies for couples. �Studying and traveling abroad since 1994 to England, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, New Zealand, Fiji and Australia has had a great impact on me.� She now teaches history on the college level,.

MINERVA MARTINEZ, �91, is a graduate of Potsdam University and was an exchange student at the University of San Jose in Costa Rica.  She is the Marketing Coordinator for SHOWTIME Networks PPV Division.  

ATSUKO ONO, 99. Came to the United States from JAPAN, specifically to attend CAS. She was very unhappy with the �lack of flexibility and personal choice in Japanese education�.  She is currently attending City College, majoring in Music and Theater.

MELISSA SANFIORENZO, 01, participated in a student exchange program between CAS and Vilafranca, Spain.  She then returned to Vilafranca to pursue her dream of becoming a professional photographer.  She is producing a photographic journal and compiling a series of photographic essays on the impact of Productive Learning throughout Europe, using her own experiences at CAS as a reference point...

ADAM IZETELNY (REZETELNY) �82, worked on a tofu farm, attended music school in Boston, played bass with a couple of bands, emersed himself in rock climbing, enrolled in a doctoral program in clinical psychology and got married. He is currently lecturing to psychology students, working at a psychiatric hospital, taking classes, and working on his dissertation. Soon he will have his Ph.D. in clinical psychology and plans on working as a therapist and teacher and musician in NYC.
ANNETTE DANIELS (TAYLOR) �83, spent ten years as a wardrobe stylist for commercials, music videos, television and was Wardrobe Supervisor for 4 seasons on HBO's Def Comedy Jam.  She is currently resident Costume designer for the Paul Robeson Theater in Buffalo, NY.

ANNABELLE MANN �86, ([email protected]) earned her Associates Degree in Travel & Tourism and, for the last 10 years, has worked for The Cunard Cruise Line, British Airways, Capri Agency and First European Cruises.  This May she will be married for 4 years to a wonderful man who she has known for 15 years.   They have just purchased a house in Phoenix, Arizona and plan to move there in about 5 years.

ANNIE HENK �88, is an actor in the New York area and a single mother of a 7 year old boy named Sebastian.

DAVID RUTELLA �83, has been working and studying in Morioka, Japan for the last 12 years. He is a licensed professional bartender, owns an English language school, is a motorcycle safety riding instructor and has had his own morning radio program. A newlywed, he and his wife spend most of their spare time snowboarding, trail riding and traveling.

KAROL-ANN BRUCE �89, CASBRO, is currently working as an RN in Brooklyn

has been appointed to the San Francisco Planning Commission by the President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Tom Ammiano.  (Her web site is www.lisafeldstein.com.) She lives in San Francisco with her husband, Max, and her daughter, Sophie.

  recently finished engineering the North East region network infrastructure for a major international environmental corporation. He moved to MA in �99 after working as a consultant for Wall Street investment corporations designing and troubleshooting global networks and data systems. He has wonderful memories of the  "Tribute To Andrew LLoyd Webber" production and would love to see or hear from his CAS friends, whom he misses dearly.   ([email protected])

and her husband, Marco, are the proud parents of a baby girl named Francesca.  You can still find her at their restaurant, TOCQUEVILLE.

MICHAEL COHEN has been working in Film and video production for over 10 years and has been with City Lights for almost 9 years.  He is currently a producer with the company.

RICHARD MOSS �84, is a concert promoter living in Florida.  He left NYC after 9/11, when the building he lived in was damaged. Like most of the folks that I graduated with. We all agree that CAS had a profound and major impact on our lives. I am a Brooklyn kid who was enlightened to the world of pre- gentrification Manhattan by CAS.  Fred Koury, the Principal at the time, had a major impact on my life.

ROBERTO GONZALEZ �97, has published a book called, "Resumes in History", dealing with the influences that historians, musicians, lecturers and philosophers have had on the world. Their entire profiles are placed in resume format for kids, teachers or researchers to examine and verify,  He is currently working on two other books,

TANYA PROCHET �92, is a computer technician, training to obtain her MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administrator). She lives in Las Vegas and has fraternal twin girls, Jordyn & Josephine.  She is a board member of Sista to Sista, an organization that helps women who are HIV+ or have AIDS.   She also participate on various committees and boards for the State of Nevada and the CDC to assess the needs of the HIV/AIDS community.  She is a member of Las Vegas Mother of Multiples club, a forum for parents of twins; a member of Courage Unlimited, Inc., a support group for people affected by or infected with a terminal illness; a member of Baby Find as a Resource Mother, assisting teen moms with prenatal care, nutrition, support, and basic care for infants.

VICTOR BUXBAUM �79, is currently living in Marin county, California, with his wife, Regina. He graduated from the Institute of Traditional medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico, from the program in Ayurvedic medicine in 1984, and then received a teachers degree from the Iyengar Yoga Institute in San Francisco. He has a son Adam, 14, from a previous marriage. He currently works at Tissue Banks International, a company that distributes human transplant
tissue for surgery.

WHITNEY LEVINE �95, is a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force.  She is an Information Management Specialist working at the 48th Fighter Wing HeadQuarters for Brigadier General (1 Star) John T. Brennan on his support staff.  She is at RAF Lakenheath which is an American air base in England.

TERESA E. CALARIE �90, is a U.S. Navy Disabled Veteran of the Gulf War, Aircraft Mechanic, currently attending the College of Aeronautics in Queens, NY.    
LINDA EVERSTZ �78, is an Assistant Professor (Secondary Education) in the School of Education and Business at Dominican University of California.

WANDA CORIANO credits her experience at The Lee Strassberg Institute for awakening her passion for music and today sings Latin standards and American Songbooks at different venues around town.  Life is good!

JACK SHAW �78, is a DJ living in Miami Beach, with a totally �unique style�.  He spins what he calls �Soulful World Music�, from wherever he can find it. He can be reached at (305)531-2319.

BRANDO BENEDIT �90, has spent the past 8 years working in technology in the financial sector. He is married with no children and one dog.  He still lives in NY.

attended Syracuse University and is currently working for a graphic arts - creative design firm.  (She remembers Bill with a beard)

CARLA J. MURRAY �92  has a 2 yr. old son named Kaleel and has worked for NY Hospital and at a social service organization named F. E. G. S.  which deals with mentally ill children, adults and the elderly.  Currently she is a Police 911 Operator for the Metro North and LIRR Police Department.   (718) 503-7932.

CHENYEAR WALKER received her BA in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  Currently, she works for the NYS Office of Children and Family Services as a Social Worker. ([email protected]) ([email protected])

JASON GRODSKY �83, continued with glass blowing, which he found at CAS.  He went to Mass College of Art and had two apprenticeships with glass artists. In �92 he opened his own glass blowing studio, which he was forced to close.  He is now planning to open another one. 

JESSICA WEISS �88, has a Masters Degree in teaching Italian from Stoney Brook and lives in Italy teaching English in the Rome area.

JOHN CHURCHILL graduated from Queens College with a BA and MA in Music, playing classical guitar.  He is currently working for the State of Florida doing Programming. He is married and has two children Keenan(12) and Conor(10).
LEYVAN JONES �90, is married for six years with five children, two sets of twins. He works for the Brooklyn Public Library as Departmental Associate for the Office of Neighborhood Services and is the assistant manager for a small restaurant in the Bronx.

MICHELE CLARKE �94, is currently a Human Resources Manager in the Assisted / Independent Living industry.  She is married and has a child.
MICHELLE SMALL �93, is a Fashion Designer with her own 6 year old company.  It is a  contemporary women's collection, with a jeans division.

NELSA NANCY PALJEVIC (NANCY VELOVIC)� 87, works for St. Luke's-Roosevelt hospital as a program director�s assistant.  She loves the outdoors (and even has her own kayak). 

NATINA BERRIOS �91, has been living in Denver Colorado for 3 years and is a Dual-language teacher,

DAVID OLMEDO �83, is working at Cabrini Hospital in Outpatient Admissions.

ROBERT S. GOLDSTEIN �89, is living in Oakland, CA and is president and founder of a small software company that he and his wife run. They also recycle old machines and return them to service or reclaim metals from the circuit boards. You can see them on the web at http://www.software cheaper.com The registered name of their companies are Designer Technologies, Inc. and Third Millennium Software, Inc.                              

KATE BARRELL PRENDERGAST �67, is working in the holistic health care field with a specialty in maternal / infant care.  She lives 1 hour outside of New York City, has 2 sons, ages 19 and 15, and has been married to the same man for 20 years. ([email protected])

KRIS SVENDSEN �84, credits CAS theater internships for his work building stages and sets for fashion shows and being a lighting tech/rigger at concerts and US tours. He retired from anything entertainment related about 4 years ago. He now works for Verizon and spends as much time as he can with his 12 year old daughter.     

REBEKAH ROSEN-GOMEZ �86, attended the New York Restaurant School and, after working many cooking jobs in many different venues, is currently in food service management as well as working on a social work degree. She lives in Jamestown, Rhode Island with her Peruvian silversmith husband and her children, Jacob and Aliza

ROBYN GOLDMAN �87, is currently living in Miami, FL and is a Business Analyst Consultant working with different Cable Television Networks. She also works for various nightclubs, booking corporate events and private parties. ([email protected]

SUZANNE CHIAUZZI �78, is married and has �1 very adorable dog and a slightly adorable stepdaughter.�  She travels as much as she can and, for the last 20 years, has been an operations manager for Deutsche Bank.

KESHA GRAHAM �97, after her part-time job at Yankee Stadium, graduated from TCI with an associates in Office Technology.

PHILLIP BRANFORD, �75,  CAS MEMORIES: Pat Ofshe, Paul Forestieri, many others; brownstone on Schermerhorn Street; working at Bella Abzug's office, Better Business Bureau, Off Off Bway Theatre;  projects at Metropolitan Museum, Bronx Zoo, Alley Pond Park.  Traveled all over the city and still have NY in my heart.  He is currently Customer Service Representative for a paper company. He lives in Atlanta, GA with his three children  Peace to all,

GEORGE ESTRADA, �86, still raves about his time at CAS and all the experiences he had: �I went to Berlin, Germany in 1986, I also worked for Governor Cuomo's office in tower two of the Trade Center. All of these memories are very dear to me, not to mention how they prepared me for life in the real world.  I work for USA TODAY as a Circulation Specialist. I plan and execute strategies that will help our circulation grow. I am married and have a 9 1/2 month old boy who's name is Dante, and we own a house in Fairfax, Va.�

WILLIE SCHWARZ:  �I am married to Nicole and have 2 kids, Madison yrs. old and Avery just over 1yr. I work  as a producer and  DJ at Jammin1051 The Heart and Soul of New York WTJM 105.1 FM. I work with Beth Bacall on a show called "Between the Sheets". It is 4 hours of slow jam requests and dedications. On the weekend I work with the Saturday Night jammin Party (late nite) . We have 12 hours of back-to-back party jams mixed the way we used to back in the day. You can check out the web site at www.Jammin105.com .That's about it and I hope to see you soon.�

AARON MINSKY left teaching for 4 years, got married, got a band together,
cut some CDs, did some touring, some TV spots and now is a Yamaha Artist
and in Who�s Who in America.  He is VONCELLO.  His website is www.voncello.com

SUNNY BAK Photographer (www.sunnybak.com)

MICHAEL COHEN, (www.citylightsmedia.com)

CHRIS PIUMA (www.film.com)

RACHELL GARNIEZ (http://members.aol.com/planetella)