Course Content

Session 1
Basic techniques and terms in Front Page features; Scavenger Hunt; Online account; Publishing of Web page
Front Page Features Session 1
Standard and Formatting toolbar: Working with fonts and text; Inserting Clip art, lines, symbols; Formatting; Background color; Publishing

Search engines; Basic Front Page Features; Web Quest
Front Page Features Session 2
Getting an image: Scanning, digital camera, Internet; Working with an image (Picture toolbar); Links

Session 3
Written documents and creative use in Front Page: Quilt, Hyper Fiction, etc.; e-mail; Advanced Front Page Features
Front Page Features Session 3
Links for images, e-mail, video and sound; Tables

Session 4
Homepage, Forms, Advanced Front Page Features
Front Page Features Session 4
Hit Counter, Hover buttons, Spreadsheets and Charts, etc.; Forms


Session 1


1.      Introduction

Goal: Hear, learn and familiarize yourself with the following terms and concepts:

Web site/ Web page
Internet server/ School server (y-drive)
Front Page/ MS Word/ HTML
Why choose Front Page
Web Quest/ Scavenger Hunt

2.      Front Page

Goals: Introduction to the Interface, basic features and structure of Front Page
Create an online account and learn how to publish a Web page
            See following pages  

3.      Assignment

Create a Scavenger Hunt using as many Front Page features as possible

Publish your page on the Internet

Free Web space:

4.      Sources:

  • Scavenger Hunt: Go to the Teacher Tech Home Page and find the �Scavenger Hunt�
  • Online tutorial for Front Page:



Front Page Features 1


1.      Essential skills or What you need to know before you start

To open and save a document and to work with the dialog box
To create a new page and a new folder
To access your folder and documents (on the server (Y-drive) and elsewhere)
To click, double-click and right-click the mouse buttons
To click and drag or select
To hover over any button on a toolbar with the cursor to have a little box pop up that tells you what the button does
To do one thing in different ways. You choose what's best for you
Difference between toolbars and menubar and scrollbar

2.      Front Page Features (to incorporate into your Scavenger Hunt Web Page)

(Please add on the handout whatever you, personally, need to remember in addition to my notes)  

Text and Formatting toolbar
(select the text you want to work with first or put your cursor at the spot where you need it)

  • Font style, size and color
  • Bold, Italic, underline
  • Alignment
  • Indenting
  • Other:

 Text and Standard toolbar
(select the text first or put your cursor where you need it)

  • Cut, copy and paste
  • Undo button
  • Format Painter
  • Help
  • Other:


Menu      �    Insert

  • Symbol
  • Horizontal Line
  • Picture     �     Clip Art


Following is an example of doing a thing in a different way. Some features described below can be handled (easier?) through clicking a button on the Formatting toolbar; see earlier in this lesson

Menu       �    Format                 

  • Font
  • Paragraph
  • Bullets and Numbering
  • Background color (Page Properties)
  • Theme
  • Customize a theme (on handout)


Publishing (see handout)

Before you can publish your site you need free Web space:
Follow these steps to sign up for free Web space

1. Go to or
2. Click on anything like �sign me up�, �Sign in� � Build a new Web Page� and follow the onscreen instructions
3. Make sure
    to write down your username and password somewhere
    to uncheck all the �specials� you don�t want
    to give out only the personal information you feel comfortable to give (sometimes I�m not as honest as the pope         wants me to be) 

Preview in browser


Session 2


1.      Feed back

Goal: Refresh learned features and/or exchange opinions and experiences

 2.      Search engines

Goal: Learn the basic and advanced features of some search engines
See following handouts

3.      Front Page

Goal: Introduction to images and simple animations; learn how to scan, use a digital camera and get images from the Internet
See following pages

4.      Assignment

Create a Web Quest using as many new Front Page features as possible

5.      Sources:

  • Search engine handout
  • List of online sources for images and other
  • Web Quest: click on the �select� button and chose either �Web Quest8� or �Knowledge Quest8� and look at several examples

6.      Homework

Look at a few of these sites and think about how you can incorporate them into your lessons:



  Front Page Features 2


1.      Get the image

Digital Camera
Search and download from the Internet/ special Image sites
Special programs (Paint, Photoshop, etc.)

2.      Work with the image

 To access the Picture toolbar:
Click image OR Menu    �      View     �   Toolbars      �    Picture toolbar

  • Resize, move (cut + paste), delete
  • Crop
  • Add text to the image,
  • Transparent background
  • Thumbnail

  Menu     �   Format

  • Background image
  • Dynamic HTML Effects (Animation)
  • Position       �       Text wrap
  • Properties      �     Borders


3.      Links
text or image you want to link)

Standard toolbar       �     Hyperlink button
Menubar     �     Insert         �        Hyperlink
Type a web address like: and press ENTER


Session 3

 1.      Feed back and Homework

Goals: Refresh learned features and/or exchange opinions and experiences. Evaluation of Web sites


2.      Short Stories, Historical Sources, Interviews and Newspaper-Clips

Goal: To use a written document for creative usage in Front Page

 Brainstorming and creating a list of possible activities

What can be done

How can it be incorporated into Front Page


















Examples: see sources on this page

 3.      Front Page Features

Goal:   Learn the difference between Web page and Web site;
Introduction to Links and Tables
See following pages

4.      E-mail

Goal: Learn how to get, set up and use e-mail and then incorporate it into Front Page

5.      Assignment

Create a Mini lesson using one of the discussed possibilities of incorporating a written document into Front Page
Create one of the discussed products (creative writing, Hyper Fiction Project, Quilt, etc.)

6.      Sources

  • Any Short story, historical document interview, newspaper clip etc. that fits your needs
  • Attached: Story telling sheet, Book Report sheet
  • Examples:
                            The Quilt


Front Page Features 3


1.      Web site structure

Page view and Folders view
Organize your site  

2.      Links
object (image, etc.) or text you want to link)

Standard toolbar:             Hyperlink button OR Menubar      �    Insert       �     Hyperlink

For e-mail:                       Hyperlink button    �    "Make a hyperlink that sends e-mail" button

Sound and video:              save a sound or movie to your folder (download from the Internet like an image)                                                       select this file name to put it in the �Hyperlink� dialog box

Change/remove links:         same as above, instead of typing in an address, just take it out

Image map or "hot spots":   see handout


3.      Tables
Place your cursor, where you want the table to go

Menu      �     Table       �     Insert Table or Standard toolbar      �      Table button: select  number of columns and rows and click

 (Always select the cells, columns , rows or table you want to work with first)

Menu      �     Table      �     Insert      �     Row/Column
                                           Merge Cells
      Properties      �     Table or Cell       �     Adjust Width, Color, Border, 
                                                                                                               Alignment of table or table cell

 4.      How to get e-mail

Go to Yahoo ( or any other free e-mail provider like MSN, Altavista, etc.
Click on �Check e-mail�
Click on "Sign me up�
Follow the on-screen instructions

            Make sure

  •     to write down your username and password somewhere
  •     to uncheck all the �specials� you don�t want
  •     to give out only the personal information you feel comfortable to give (sometimes I�m not as honest         as the pope wants me to be)


Session 4


1.      Feed back

Goal: Refresh learned features and/or exchange opinions and experiences


2.      The Homepage

Goals: Creation of a homepage as another presentation tool of specific topics


3.      KWL Chart

What do you Know

What do you Want to know

What did you Learn

Students make a list of facts they know about a specific topic.

Students brainstorm what else they want to know about this topic.

After the research period (students need to know how to use the search engines) and putting together the learned information, students write down what they've learned.

  Goal: The use of the KWL chart helps clarifying the necessary content for the creation of a section of the homepage

(Homepages can be about topics a student chooses, it's his/her homepage. But the homepage can also have sections required by the teacher, like resume, essays, math project or a specific topic).


4.      Front Page Features

Goals: Learn one or more advanced features and incorporate as many as possible into your work.
Learn how to create a �form�
See following pages

 5.      Assignment:

      Write a Mini lesson plan incorporating as many Front Page features as possible or useful AND a form OR
Create your own homepage

6.      Sources:

  • Homepages from:  than click on �Homepages�  

Y: �.

  • Form: example to be found at the �Teacher Tech Training Page�


Front Page Features 4

 1.      Special, cool and easy features:

Insert       �       Component        Hit Counter
                                                    Hover buttons
                                                    Spreadsheets and Charts
                                                    Shared borders

2.      Forms

Menu       �      Insert       �     Form        �     Form
 �    One-line, Scrolling Text Box, Check Box, etc
Double-Click inside each form-box and select appropriate �Form Properties� (see handout)

3.      Ask me for handouts for:

Links within a page
Frames (see handout)
Reports (see handout)