Here they are, your assignments for this cycle. You have to hand ALL of them in, by the END of this cycle. Not earlier and not later!

We broke it down for you. Do your assignments every week and you won't have to go crazy at the end of the cycle. You can hand the assignments in or send them per e-mail: [email protected]

Here is what we expect from you:

Week1 Write 11/2 page essay in response to the question:
What makes a person important in US History. Choose five people from the list given to you. Answer the questions on the sheet.
(You will have to do revisions. You may want to use a Word processor. It makes revising much easier).
Week2 Sankofa assignment Click here to hand in your assignment
Week3 Reading assignment: Chapter1, pages 11-32. Answer all 8 questions in complete sentences.  
Week4 Hall of Fame Front Page-Quilt;  
Week5 Reading assignment Chapter2,pages 36-53. Answer all 7 questions in complete sentences.  
Week6 Outline/Storyboard due for your "Civil War Front Pages"  
Week7 Civil War Front Pages: Presentation of your groups Web site including  
Week8 Debate  



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