Cascades High School

English 8 Fahrenheit 451

Teacher: Ms. Leslie Chow

Individual Project for Fahrenheit 451

The Draft Date is Due_________________________________________

The Final Project is Due_____________________________________

Project : The folloing people, events, literature are mentioned or alluded to in Fahrenheit 451. . You are to pick one person. You are to conference with Leslie for guidence. You are to prepare a 5 minute oral presentation. You are to read a small passage of their work. You are to explain why you think this partuicular author or work was included in Farenheit 451. You are to be prepared to answer questions about your subject. You are to hand in your notes in the end.

1. Dante Alighierl: The Divine Comedy (1265-1321), writer

2. Aristophanes: Greek playwrite of stirical comedies (488-388), philosopher

3. Marcus Aurelius: Meditations (A.D. 121-180), philosopher

4. William Blake: Tyger!Tyger (poem) English Poet

5. Guatama Buddha: Siddhartha Gautama, Indian mystic and founder of Buddhism (B.C. 563-483)

6. Book of JOB: Bible ( (B.B. 563-483)

7. Lord Byron: George Gordon Byron, British Romantic poet (1788-1824)

8. Confucius: Chinese philosopher whose writings are the basis of confucianism (c. 551 - 479 B.C.)

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