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Importance of Learning Technology to Classroom Teaching and Learning:

Technology provides students with the ability to be in charge of their own learning.  Students can think critically and be unique when they are working in school projects.  Proper use of technology has the potential to enhance the achievements of all students, increase families involvement in their children's schooling.  Technology is needed to improve learning and teaching.  Multimedia is particularly  useful in personalizing instructions by allowing learners to proceed at their own pace and receive immediate feedback.  

Technology information is changing our World. We should be convinced that technology is and will continue to transform the way teachers and students learn.



All About Algebra
All About Triangles
All About Parallelograms
All About Signed Numbers
History of the Euro
Basic Concepts of Economic
All About Equations and Inequalities
Black History Month
Government  Spending


Castillo Math Corner


Regents Help

Math Standards

Math for Kids

Ninth Grade Word Problems

Kids Math (Grade 7-9)

Math Biography (Mathematicians) 

Female Matematicians

Math History

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Evaluating Student Presentation (Rubric)

Multimedia Project Rubric

Math Quests Grade 9-12

A+ Plus Math ( Homework Helper)

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