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The EBC-ENY High School for Public Safety and Law is in the truest sense, a child of the East New York and Brownsville communities. We are the result of over eight years of struggle on the part of the  East New York community led by the East Brooklyn Congregations organization to provide the opportunity for a quality high school education. Since our opening in September, 1993, our focus has been on education for community empowerment. Our aim is to provide students the culture, the broad knowledge and the specific skills necessary for the exercise of positive and creative leadership in the community of East New York, Brownsville and beyond.

    To make this dream a reality we began with a specialty focus on Public Safety and Law. We recognize that some of our students need to make up academic deficiencies, however, we intend to prepare our developing leaders for the rigor of college and the ever-changing world of the future. Our program reflects both realities.

   On the way to success our youth need support, thus EBC-ENY High School has instituted three important support structures:

1. Advisory Classes

2. Collaboration with John Jay College of Criminal Justice

3. Service learning and adult mentoring

    Advisory classes meet several times a week. During these classes the students have a chance to discuss problems and issues affecting their lives.The advisory class gives students the opportunity to explore and clarify values, learn to handle different situations in a positive manner; thereby students learn positive interpersonal skills.

    The EBC staff will work collaboratively with John Jay College of Criminal Justice to develop a curriculum which will infuse existing courses with content, examples, and practical assignments that relate to the problems and issues confronting public safety officers and the legal field. Graduating seniors will have received intensive course work in law, criminology,forensic science, and other related subject/career seminars provided by among others the

FBI, DEA, INS, EPA, the Red Cross, the NYC Fire Department, the EMT Service, NYC Police Department, NYS Police Department, NYC Public Utilities, The District Attorney's Office, NYC Department of Sanitation, NYC Sheriff's Office,    the United States Marshals Service, US Customs Service.

In addition our students will be prepared to enter John Jay College to complete the minimum of two years of college instruction now required by the New York City Police Department.

Our students are prepared to face the working world through classes dealing with leadership and job readiness in federal, state,city and private law related occupations. Once the students master skills such as resume writing, interviewing techniques, and problem solving at the work place, the students are sent to actual interviews as a prerequisite of placement into a volunteer position in one of many community organizations that provide essential services to our communities. Each student attending this high school is expected to provide community service prior to graduation. The students are sent to interviews on a first-come first-served basis. We try to match the students' interests as much as possible.

Our plan is to continue to develop the public safety programs by expanding the cirriculum and the placement files.

What sets us apart?

As previously described above, the goal of the EBC ENY High School for Public Safety and Law is to nurture in our students a life-long commitment to learning and to allow our students to develop their leadership potential and explore innate interests and abilities.To accomplish this we have created and will continue to create a program suited to achieving these goals. Some the prominent features of our program are:

*Specialty classes relating to public safety and law disciplines

*Focus on public safety/leadership development                                      

*Demanding and challenging college preparatory academic program

*Extensive after school support component

*Safe, nurturing, and supportive environment

*Advisory/Mentoring program

*Stress on developing critical thinking skills

*A developing interdisciplinary curriculum

*Use of computer technology

*Commitment to parental involvement