The EBC/ENY High School for Public Safety and Law is, in the truest sense, a child of the East New York and Brownsville communities. We are the result of over seven years of struggle on the part of the East New York community, led by the East Brooklyn Congregations organizations, to provide the opportunity for a quality high school education. Since our opening in September 1993, our focus has been on education for community empowerment.

Our aim is to provide students with the culture, the broad knowledge and the specific skills necessary for the exercise of positive and creative leadership. Our Mission Statement reflects the above: The staff, students, parents, and the community of EBC/ENY High School for Public Safety and Law, resolve that:

We expect rigorous academic and ethical standards.

We will involve parents in the education of their children.

We practice meaningful and stimulating teaching and learning.

We nurture the creativity and leadership that exists in our school community.

We encourage careers in law, public safety and community service.

We believe in respect for self and others.

To make this dream a reality, we begin with a specialty focus on public safety and law. Recognizing that some of our students need to make up academic deficiencies, we intend to prepare developing leaders for the rigors of college and the ever-changing world of the future. Our program reflects both realities.

Special academic programs include Project Arts, Student Council, Computer Program, Community Action Studies and Community Public Service Internships.

We serve approximately 360 students.

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