Use this page to navigate through the project by clicking on a link below.

1. FINAL PROJECT PAGE...helps you to understand the project and all its parts.

2. INDIVIDUAL PAGE...poses a journal question, gives a synopsis of the film and how to write a film review.

3. GROUP WORK...explains how you will work as a group to a) write cyberfiction OR b) do preparation for the Regents.

4. CHARACTER SHEET...use for cyberfiction. This will help you to imagine and manipulate the character you are working with.

5. PLOT SHEET...use for cyberfiction. As a group you must plot out the events that will go on your homepage. It will also help you to understand how your individual character's story must interweave with the events of your group plot.

6. GROUP MEMBER a checklist for all group members. This will keep you organized. Make sure to keep checking it as you go. Also, bring it to your group meeting when you divide up the group grade. *Reminder: write out your responses to the reflective questions at the bottom of the page.

7. STUDENT are the groups that have been assigned. If there is anyone who was absent on the first day, be sure to check which group you belong to.

8. PRESENTATION TIPS you a step by step guide to help make your presentations go smoothly.

9. STUDENT WORK...check out the hyperfiction web pages and a sample student essay.

10. BACK TO SYLLABUS...provides a way back to the homepage for this class.