Hi! My name is Zhenyu Lin. I love to read  autobligaphical books, because I want to know how  people think and accomplish  thing in their lives. I am the in the 10 grade. One of my favotite thing to do is to travel, to know this world. I have been U.S.A. 1 year and 8 month ago.

Title: Speaking to one another/ New Writer's Voices

Aother: Editor

Genre: Fiction

ISBN#: 1-56853-007-2


Reading Level: Easy

#of page: 63

# of words per page: 210




Here is passage from the book…

          “ Learning to me, is new and exciting. Every time I learn something new feel like I’m doing something good for my self, I know if I keep learning, I will go far there than I ever used to thing I could.

          With the time I have left in prison, the only productive thing I feel like I can do is gain knowledge. I know that every little bit helps and it makes me feel better about things.

          The knowledge that I have is something I can hold on to. Even though I am in prison, where everything is taken away, my knowledge cannot be taken.”


                New writer’s voices by James V.Cain, virgininal, and page9


Who would like this book? I think.......

I think this book for who was newcomer. Because of this story is dramsa, it's true sounds to newcomer to feel as anther people are newcomer.