Hi! My name is caroline Vasquez and I really love to read books. I love readied fiction and non-fiction stories, specially if it talks about things that us the teenagers go through in life. Well I've been in this country for almost six years. I came here when I was 9 years old going to 10.I am a student here at the International High School at La Guardia Community college. It it a very small High School with about 400 to 500 students.Oops i almost forgot to tell you that i'm in the 9th grade.Two of my favorite things that i love to do is eat alot and argue with my teachers specially Mr.paul and Ms.judy.


Title:Deliver Us From Evie




Reading Level:Average to Challenging

Number of pages:177 pages

Number of words per page:300

Here is a passage from the book........and i really hope you enjoy it.

"Does Mr.Duff think Evie's a dyke?"

"I hate that word,Parr....Someone like Evie gets the blame when there's any suspicion of such a thing."

"Do you think she's one?"

"That's crossed my mind,Parr.You've heard me nagging at her to be more of a lady."

    "What if she is one?"

    "It's going to be very hard for her,if she is"

       "It'll be hard for both of them,won't it?"

      "It'll be harder for Evie..Evie can't pass herself off as something else.It isn't in her nature."

            "No,"i said."It isn't."