P.S. Longer Letter Later

Author: Ann M. Martin & Paula Danziger

Genre: Fiction Drama

ISBN#: 0-590-21311-3




Helloooooooooo, welcome to my Web page. My name is Tina. I am sixteen years old. I am from India. I am an International High School student and I am in  the tenth grade. I love reading books. I love to read diaries about teenagers like me because sometimes we have similar problems. I enjoy reading books.  I like to read books about drama because sometimes the endings are really happy.  sometimes I am a lazy kid.    when I was living in India, I didn't read books. When I came here I started to to read books. I came here in 1998. When I came to the U.S.A I thought this was a strange country, now I like this country.

Well I recommend the book P.S Longer Letter Later. It Is a really nice book. And It Is  easy to read. The story is about two friends.Their name are Tara and Elizabeth. Tara moved away. They sent letter everyday, but then they broke up their friendship. P.S Longer Letter Later is the first part of book. The second book  is Snail Mail No More. The first part of book and second part of book are really good. You can find out about Tara and Elizabeth's friendship by reading their e-mails.

Here is the passage of the book. I hope you liked it.

                   " The days fall away like petals

                    coming to rest at my feet.

                    the hours tick along.

                    people pass on the street.

                    The days fall away like petals.

                     my father is gone."

                              (Page 181)

     Who would like this book:?   ok I will tell you who would like this book. Anyone  who like to read drama book  will like this book. I think these are very wonderful books. I don't think boys would like these books , but I am sure young girls woulds like these book.

    Reading level: Average

   # of pages: 234

    # of words per page: 176



                         Here is the second part of book Snail Mail No More

Snail Mail No More

Author: Ann & Paula

Genre: Fiction Drama

ISBN: 0-439-06336-1