Reading level :Average to Challenge

# of pages : 139

# of words per page: 182





Title: Push

author: Sapphire

Genre: Real life drama- fiction  




Hello !! My name is Joyce Valdiviezo I'm a student at International High School I'm in the 10 grade and I have been in this country like 4 years . I have a lot of  hobbies like sing and listen to my favorite . music and one think I really enjoy is to read book because I learn from then a lot of things ,I  like to read real life books this book is from real life  and the story  really moves me.
Here is a passage from the book...Hope you like it!!! I don't want to cry . I tell my self I WILL NOT cry when I'm writing cause number two I just don't always want to be crying like a white bitch on TV movies . since I'm no white bitch , I understand that now , I'm not not white bitch I'm not Janet Jackson,or Madonna on the inside, that I was just black and ugly to people on the outside  and if they could see me they could see something lovely and not keep laughing at me , throunging spitballs ( shit one time niger at school just spit on me when I was pregnant) and Polly seed shells at me , that mamma and daddy would recognized me I don't don't presius1 But IM going to say what I was going to say and then I'm going to put it all behind me never say it again I don't blame nobody I just want you say when I was twelve, twelve somebody had help me it not be two of the most that is she say cause if they was really useless they would dessapear from use , why no one put Carl in jail after I have a baby by him when IM twelve? it is my fault because I didn't talk to the police?



Who would like this book???

I think this book would like any person that like to read books about real life and any person that have feelings, like me! I really recommend this book is very realistic and have very strong feeling , and I really like it it moves me .and I learn a lot of things that I heard from different persons but I didn't think was true and by reading this book I'm sure is true.this book can also like any person that are teenager that have this type of problems to see that she is not the only one and that that how life is!!