Recommended by Maly

Title: Sixteen

Editor: Donald R. Gallo

Genre: Real-Life Drama/Fiction. Short Stories

ISBN#: 0-440-97757-6

NYSTL: Approved


  • Book summary:

    This book contains short stories mostly for teenagers like you and me. It could be compared to the famous "Chicken Soup for Teenage Souls", because of the similar structure. However, the stories on this book are fictional. Yet this doesn't detract from the realistic feelings and emotions that each page allows you to experience.
    Sixteen brings hope and faith to all the different issues that we teenagers face every day of our lives.





  • Who would like this book???

    Obviously, teenagers like us, especially those who are seeking a light that could lead them to a brighter life. One of the advantages of this book is its variety of stories for each type of soul. For those who love and dream of loving someone else ("Furlough-1944"), for the ones with great imagination ("Future Tense"), for the tender and warm soul ("Welcome"), for the loyal fans ("May I Have Your Autograph?"), and even the hungry souls ("I, hungry Hannah Cassandra Glen")... now for the adventurous young soul I recommend to take a look at these jungle of stories!!!


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