Hi! My name is Miguel. I like to read books about real life, but  fiction. I am a Dominican student at the International High school, I am in the 10 grade. One of my favorite things to do other that just read a book is play sports and drive all my teachers totally crazy.
Title: Amelia (dairy

Author: Ann Matthews Martin

Genre: Fiction Diary


#of pages:150

#words per page: 117



Reading level:

The reading level on this book is very easy, there might be some words that maybe some people don't know the meaning of  like bulimic, a   kind of person which is  obsess with her weight even though she is as thin as a stick so what they do is that they throw up after they eat so that they don't gain weight.


Summary of the book:

This book is about a bulimic girl. Her friends try to ignore that she's bulimic except for one of her friends which really cares about her. That friend of her gets a book on how to treat this kind of person and she tries to find a away to help become more her friend,a and she must get a doctor immediately or else.


Book Recommendations:

I think that this book is good for people who loves reading books about fiction things that aren't real, or about the private life of people.