My name is Nathalie. I'm from Cali, Colombia. I live now in Queens, New York. I speak two languages Spanish and English and I'm in 10th grade.  I usually read drama, because those books are really interesting. When you read it you feel as they are real life even if you know that they are fictional. I have became a great reader. I have read like 28 books in 9 months. Now I had experience that reading a book you get in a new dimension.

This is an important passage from my book... Hope you like it.


   " The feeling that came over me as I thought of this ... it was like a fever breaking. I felt damp everywhere on my body. I was grateful Mameha remained asleep beside me; I’m sure she would have wondered what was the matter, to see me short breath, wiping my forehead with my fingertips. This idea that had come to me, could I really do such a thing? I don’t mean that act of seducing that Minister; I knew perfectly well I could do that. It would be like going to the doctor for a shot. I’d look the other way for a time, and it would be over. But could I do such a thing to Nobu? What a horrible way to repay his kindness. Compared with the sorts of men so many geisha had suffered through the years, Nobu was probably a very desirable danna. But could I bear to live a life in which my hopes had a been extinguished forever? For weeks I’d been working to convince myself I could live it; but could I really? I thought perhaps I understood how Hatsumomo had come by her bitter cruelty, and Granny her meanness. Even Pumpkin, who was scarcely thirty, had worn a look of disappointment for many years. The only things that had kept me from it was hope; and now to sustain my hopes, would I commit and abhorrent act?

                                                          pg. (395).

Who would like this book? This book is good for all the people, mostly women that want something with all their heart, and it seems like they can not have it. It's a great book that shows that hope sometimes gets you through different turns and if you want something you have to fight for it with all your strength even if you think it is hopeless you have to fight with faith and with all your heart. 
    Summary: This is the story of a girl named Chiyo, her mother died, and her father sells her to a man named Mr. Tanaka. He sends Chiyo and her sister to Yorido, which is a village of geishas. A geisha is not a prostitute as you think, a geisha is a woman that entreating men. Chiyo change her name to Sayuri. This book describes the life of a geisha and how it is a life of struggle. This book also inspires you to follow your dreams.
And this are the things that you have to know before reading this book. The author of this book is: Arthur Golden

The book have 434 pages... Real long but it's great!!!!!!!!!!

approximately words per page: 400.

Title: Memoir of a Geisha.

Genre: Drama.

ISBN #: 0-679-78158-7

NYSTL: not approved