Hi! My name is Penka. I love reading scary books that have a lot of mystery in them. I go to IHS and I am a 9th grader. I came to NY from Bulgaria about 2 years ago.I recommend this book because I think it is a great book that you'll keep getting surpassed until the end of the book.
        Tittle: Switched

    Author: R.L.Stine

    Genre: Mystery/Horror - Fiction

    ISBN#: 0-671-86839-X

           This is a passage of the book that I think may surplise  you the most while reading thing book:

      Not dead? The Kramers---not dead?
      And then Kent climbed out of the backseat.
      And they surrounded me quickly, all talking at once.
      The two gray-suited men stepped back as my mom threw her arms around me, hugged me, hugged me so tight, weeping,her soldiers trembling. I could feel Mom's hot tears on my face.

      "Nicole, Nocole," she whispered my name , pressing her cheek against mine.
      When she backed away, Dad hugged me, too.
      The two gray-suited men stood tensely at my sides.
      Blinking away my own tears, struggling to lift the confusion from my mind, I stared at the Kramers and at Kent.
      Not dead.
      Not murdered.
      All of them alive.

                Pgs. 145-146

Reading level:Average

  # of pages: 150

  # of words/pg.: 300