People/Places/Times/Things for "Identity Loops/Memoir"

1. A person who meant a lot to you or who was a big influence on your life when your were a child.
2. The first person whose death meant a lot to you.
3. A person who helped you to change something important in your life.
4. A person you fight with.
5. A person you love now more than ever before.

1. Your favorite place to go as a child.
2. A place where you have been hurt, emotionally or physically or both.
3. A place where you changed the way you think in some important ways.
4. A place where you were forced to go. (Be specific, please.)
5. A place where you were not allowed to go... but you did anyhow.
1. A time when you learned something important about yourself.
2. A time you wish you could have back to change what you did or said.
3. A time that changed you forever.
4. a time when you stood up for what you believe in.
5. A time when you felt totally safe, happy, and at peace with he universe.
1. Some thing -- an object or possession -- that was precious or extremely valuable to you as a child.
2. Some thing that was taken from you, stolen, lost, or left behind somewhere.
3. Something that helped you through a time of change.
4. Something you might die for... or at least fight very hard to keep or protect.
5. Something you wish you had.

1. Answer each of the questions above, making a few notes for each before moving on.
2. Review your list, and find three or four that fit together. Circle these, then write this topic at the top of another sheet of paper.
2. Choose the one item on your list that you could write the most about. Circle this one, then write it at the top of another sheet of paper.
3. Freewrite for 10 minutes about this item.
4. Write a focused sentence, summarizing everything that you wrote in the 10-minute freewrite. This should be in good English, clear, and show an opinion. This should be a strongly worded, carefully written sentence.
5. Start with your focused sentence, and do another 10 minutes of freewriting.
6. Write another focused sentence.
7. Begin a third freewrite with the focused sentence from #6.
8. Write a third focused sentence.
9. Write a fourth freewrite, beginning with the focused sentence from #8.

Finally, you should have 4 freewrites and 4 focused sentences about the same person, place, time, or thing in your life.

Created by: Paul Allison [email protected] Last updated: September 13, 2000