Author:C. S. Lewis, Pauline Baynes.

Book Name: The Chronicles of Narnia


What up?Ya this is Renas and I will tell you about some interesting things about this book, and why i chose it.

Let's start to let you know this is a fiction-factor book you can tell  by the cover.

Along time ago there were two different  worlds and there was only on port gate to transfer to both. This door was located in a house a big house where 5 people were living.

I'm gon'a give you some examples of the book with Page Numbers .




By the way, my name is RT. I'm 17 years old and i'm from Albania. I been here for 5 years.

And i hope you enjoy the book.

Who would like this book?

I think that this book, would be prefered by many people like teenager and older people, and actualy I know someone that has read all 7 books of this series.






The Witch.

"Where do you come boy"?

The Boy

"Im from the other side of the world, and i got lost in here."


"Yes can you help me get back to my home"?

Sure i can but you need to bring me your brothers and sisters, so i can get to know them"