HELL-0 ... my name is Jessie. (my pic) I enjoy reading books about vampires, mystics, dark world, horror...mystery. I am a high school student and I am in the 10th grade. i like to anoy my teacher...because he/she deserves it... Here's the best book i'd ever read....

TITLE:    In The Forests of The Night

AUTHOR:    Amelia                             Atwater-Rhodes

GENRE:   Drama-Fantasy

ISBN#:  0-440-22816-6

NYSTL:  Approved


# OF PAGES:   147



Nocturnal creature... (passage from the book)

"...I come to this place seeking a diversion. The ghost of Rachel cannot follow me here. I see my image reflected in a crystal glass someone has left on the counter. My reflection is a misty aparition , but i can see Tora's   markings in my hair and I laugh. This is something Aubrey will never take from me. In this moment i feel like exactly what I am: a wild child of the darkness. A dangerous shadow in a mood to make trouble..."

Who would like this book?

Well, i think anyone who loves vampires and the dark world.. Anyone who believes  his thoughts are above human and who believes there should be a hunter and a hunted and who believes there are other things above us , other than "God"...anyone who disagrees with human's everyday beliefs...