In poland I was living with my grandmother Janina, 2 siester Justyna 17 years old, and Aneta 10 years old and one brother Joseph 12 years old . Aways on sunday and saturday my ount and uncle coming from another downtown, and helping as on the farm. In poland I have 11 uncle nad 13 aunt but they living in Poland. I love them all, they was nad are very good fom me and my family. We helping each other with good and bad time. I lived with my grandmother and my 2 sister and brother 7 years. But after 7 years I come heare with my one older sister Justyn

That is my brother Joseph



When I come hear I was living with my one sister and parents (father Jerzy and mother Maria) one year.After one year come to as my brother and younger sister. Now I living with my parents, 2 sister and brother. They come hear 4 moth ago ( my younger sister and brother). I do not have any ount and uncle hear, we live alon with not any more family just us. But I think my one ount and ancle going to come hear mext month. I love my all family, but just part is with me ! I have parents and brother, sisters,. But I do not have any unclen and ount.

That is my sister Aneta!!!

That is just 2 important people from my family.

I miss my grandmother and rest of family.                                       HOME     END