A trip to the past and my present

My life was the normal life as a normal boy.

Like every boy I had to go to school play with my toys and hang around in the neighborhood with my best friends but also I had the responsibility to take care of my little cousin when my mother was not at home or out of the country.


On February 15that was the day that I came to these country but one week earlier my aunt was acting strange like buying suit case, new clothes for me and my brother and two big sweaters and that was strange because in my country the weather is always hot so, that was the thing the surprise me the most so, I ask my aunt why are you doing these? So the thing that she told me was I have a surprise for you and your brother, my first thought was the maybe we will be going to sierra because there is kind of cold, but the thing that I never thought about it was N.Y U.S.A the best country in the world and, that was the surprise that my mother had for us, and my responsibility was to keep the secret from my brother because it will be a good surprise for him so I didn’t want to spoilt that surprise

The responsability that i had in my country was to take care of my little dog and not letting him go out his house but, when i came here i also had responsibility was to take care of my little sister in other words i had to baby sit my little sister because my mother was always busy at work or doing other things.

But this responsability sounded good for me because my little sister was small and didnt bother at all, but things got worse when my little sister grow and start bothering at my mother my brother and specially me because i was the one who was taking care of her so i was the one the spend the most hours with her in the house alone, and at the time when things got worse i told mu mother that i quit, and my surprise was that she told me" ok" because she already had another person to babay sit my sister, and that news was a relief for my self, iam not saying that i dont like my sister, but i was tired hearing her cry and always saying teta.            EXIT