Descovering a New Life

Family How my life changed by coming to this country, what are the differences between this country and my country.  


                                                                    Alianza Lima, the best team ever.

                                                                      " Alianza Lima"  The best team ever.

               It was august 13, 1999. Where are they, where are they????? Was my first thought after I was stepping out of the airport, I was looking all over the place for my two older sisters, I hadn’t seen them in a very long time, since they left our country for second time in 1998. I felt so excited of seen them again. When I finally spotted them at the door, I was like Oh my god!!!!!!! And they said, " You have grown a lot" I really remember that day, I will never forget it, I could smell a new air and hear many people speaking only English that I couldn’t understand a word. This was the first change I felt in this country.

In Peru my best friend was Nancy, a sweet girl who was always there when I needed someone to talk to and we were together in god and bad moments. She knows everything about me (I guess), I will tell you how she is: she is a skinny girl, so nice, friendly, of about 5,1 feet, long brown wavy hair and she is so cool, very hyper, a supper student and is always good at school, she also loves to dance, I think that is one of the million reasons we are best friends, because I was just like her, friendly, hyper, always dancing and a good student like twin souls. I know everything about her, I know that she lives with her stepfather, but she would love to live with her real father, and I know that when she is doing bad on school is because she has a real serious problem in her house and I try to reanimate her and tell her that if she fails school there would be more problems at her house, and so she did to me every time she noticed anything strange on me. I remember so good my "Graduation Day", I was like "Oh my God, I’m going to be in High School", But when I got to the place where the party was going to take place I noticed that Nancy wasn’t there and she didn’t show up either. It was so sad not to graduate with her, but what happened is that her stepfather didn’t want her to go to the party and her mother only obeyed him, so that’s the reason of why she didn’t show up, but everything wasn’t that bad, we all had a good time, I could see everybody smiling, I could feel people happiness and everything, that’s something I will never forget about my country, the good moments I have had with all my other friends that are Cristina, Cesar, Freddy, Nathaly, Angelica, Fernando, Virna, and some others, I haven’t talk to them since I left, with exception of Nancy and Cristina, but I have send them letters. I think that Cristina is my second best friend, but not as good as Nancy, because she doesn’t know everything about me as Nancy does. I’m happy to have them as friends because I can count on them all the time, anytime.

In this country I have two best friends, I know it doesn’t sound real, but it is true, their names are Cindy Gonzales (15) and Rosemary Holguin (16), they both are from Colombia and I love them. Let me describe them to you, Cindy is a skinny girl, pretty and petite, of about 5 feet tall, long wavy brown hair and she is so nice to me and everybody, her famous phrase is "Que mas ve?"; Rosemary is a pretty girl, of about 5,8 feet or maybe more, medium size brown curly hair, and she is so funny and vacana, her famous phrase is "Ve esta Nina". One thing we like to do together is hang around school, go to parties and go to the mall to see clothes and takes many pictures of the three of us. Cindy was one of my first friends in this school with Alma Alarcon, another good friend of me, she is from Ecuador and she is 15 years old. We also have a good time with her, because we all make jokes and laugh at everything, I remember the last day of school, Cindy, Rosemary and I went to a party with some other friends from this school, we had such a great time, I think it was one of my best days in this country, after the party I was saying “what a great party” and all of my friends agreed with me. This year I have met some other good friends, they are Clara (Colombia), Tatiana (Ecuador), Estefania (Argentina) and Lizzeth (Ecuador). In this school I have many friends from different countries like Colombia (Clara V, Willy M, John M, Johanna A, Darwin and some others) Ecuador (Alma A, Ivonne C, Vladymir, Tatiana C, Lizzeth L and Maria, there are some others I don’t remember right now), Venezuela (Oliver A, Jorge H, Mauro R even though he doesn’t study here anymore, I considers him my friend) Dominican Republic (Julio R), there are many other friends from other countries, to all them: “ I love you all”. But there are four girls, they are so nice and I really like them, these are Estefania, Clara, Tatiana, and Lizzeth, and I say they area nice because I can count on them all the time, Thank you friends!!!.        

In my country my favorite music were only salsa, reggae and Peruvian music like valses and techno-cumbias, I loved to dance, it was like expressing what I was feeling, like how happy I was while dancing and each time I went to a party, I always wanted to dance with one of my friends Cesar P, he was so cute and nice and he really knew what dance was, I liked him a lot. One thing I liked to do was to dance salsa while imitating the singer, even though I hadn’t a good voice (either I do now). Click here to listen one of my favorite songs in Peru.The type of music I really knew how to dance was reggae; I always wanted to call the attention in parties, that’s why I like to danced real hot, I always felt the music and dance, but tehno-cumbia was a beautiful kind of music too, I also liked to dance that. in this country I like to dance much more types of music, from other countries like salsa, merengue, bachata, vallenato, reggae, and others types of music that in my country I didn’t know about, but now I like to dance, this is the hip-pop. I love to practice how to dance those types of music with my friends, so that I can learn something new. I feel so good when I go to parties and listen to those types of music, there is a song that I like to hear, and it is "hoja en blanco", a bachata, a nice song, old but nice, but the song I like the best is "One Minute Man" from Missy Elliot, that's a great song.


In Peru my life was so different then what it is now. All my life I lived with my mom, 1 brother and 3 sisters. I never lived with my dad, actually I met him when I was 4, and before that I thought that my mom’s brother (uncle) was my "papito", but he wasn’t and now I understand, and I call him uncle. Anyway in 1998, when I stilled living in Peru my two older sisters came to this country and my life changed a lot, I had to wake up early, help my mom to get her business (selling fresh chicken) ready, go to my house finish my homework, clean while cooking for my mom brother and sister, take a shower, put on my uniform and go to school. When I was back from school I helped my mom to close up her business and then my mom cooked the dinner and we ate, (her cooking is so good) and I started to do my homework and then I went to sleep, difficult uhhh! Kind of too much tension. But Sundays were my day off, I could go to parties or sometimes my mom took my brother sister and me to walk and we ate out the dinner, my life was just fine, we had such a great time together and sometimes my mom’s boyfriend took us to eat on nights and talk a little about our lives, I liked that a lot. I always thought I didn’t need my father of nothing, I mean that I could live without him and it was true, my brother, sisters, my mom and me suffered a lot because of him and his family (private). I have think about it, and I think I will talk about this part a little more; my father’s family is really mean and has always made our lives difficult,my mom told me that this whole thing started when my dad and she were just getting together, they never accepted her, so they were always mean, and know what?, they were the ones that paid for my dad to come here, they were owning too much money, but they didn't care,they just wanted my dad far away so that they can make up so many stories about my mom, can you imagine that made up that my mom was going out with my dad's cousins, and my believed it, that's why I haven't met my uncle yet, I just know that he works in a famous television channel in Peru. But they paying for my dad to come here made us a big favor in a way, because now we are all here. My aunts always said my mom had another husband, yeah husband Not a boyfriend but husband …how stupid right? They kept telling me "where is your new daddy?" I hated that a lot.They kept saying that my sisters, brother and me had been smoking marihuana JA, JA, JA. They made up so many stories that my dad always believed on them and he decided to send the money of the month to them and they had to give some money dairy to us, but they never did and when they did, they gave us like 5 soles that is like 2 dollars here, we couldn’t buy something good to eat, so my mom kept going to the stores and asking seller to give her food and later she would pay. I remember once when my aunts had spend all the money on who knows what? And we didn’t have nothing to eat, it was about 7:00 PM and the only thing we had eat was sweet potato, but then my mom talked to one of her friends (now her boyfriend) and she cooked chicken soup, and we all ate, “delicious” we all said. It was so sad to live like that, we were really very young, I think I was 7 or something, and my aunts didn’t care!! I don’t want to talk about this anymore, I’m starting to cry, the only thing I can tell you is that my mom’s boyfriend was and is so nice to us, even if he didn’t have money we all accepted him, and now he is not rich, but at least he works a lot and has money. He was so nice that he constructed specie of desk for my mom to sell something and have money, so my mom worked and since then we didn’t have to ask my aunts for my dad’s money. About my aunts, well... they are kind of paying, because now they are the ones that don’t have money to eat, it’s not that I’m happy because of that, but you can see that if you do something bad to someone, then something bad can happen to you, everything goes around. I’m sorry but I can’t tell you more stories of my life, but I would start crying again remembering those things.        

Since 1999 I live with my dad, my mom, my brother and my sisters better said with all my family. At the beginning, my life here was so difficult and even worse living with my dad, because he was always angry of everything and I wasn’t adapted to him, But anyway I didn’t have to fight with him a lot, he had two jobs and was in my house only weekends and during nights, but now I can live with him, even if he is all day at home and works at night, I don’t fight too much with him. But anyway my life changed because I have to wake up early, go to school, when I’m back in my house I eat, do my homework and clean until my mom gets home at about 11:45 PM., but I like more living in Peru, even thought my life was difficult there. One thing I like o living here is that we life far away from my dad’s family, they are so mean and always did bad things to us, and these were really bad things and there were many of them, there are so many that I will need about "10 to 15" pages to talk about them all. But if Peru could have as much opportunities as here, it would be the best place to live, because Peru is a beautiful place, It has many forestall places where you can breath fresh air and you can feel the good smell of flowers, It also has many typical foods that taste so good, but the problem there is that there are not enough jobs for everybody and sometimes you can see the streets dirty, but the neighbors always pay to someone to clean them up. If I would have to choose between living in Peru and living her, it would be like choosing between Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di’Caprio. Well, that was it about my life, hope you enjoyed it, thanks for your attention, Anne Garcia t also has many typical foods that taste so good, but the problem there is that there are not enough jobs for everybody and sometimes you can see the streets dirty, but the neighbors always pay to someone to clean them up. If I would have to choose between living in Peru and living her, it would be like choosing between My dog in Peru and my turtles here.

Well, that was it about my life, hope you enjoyed it, thanks for your attention, Anne.




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Here I'm with my class PA#2 visiting Jackcon Heights for one of our projects.

Here I'm in the lounge, you know taking a break.

Here is one picture of my then life. Not a good picture, but my other pictures are in Peru.

This picture is from the day my sister left my country ro come here.

This drawings are also made up of my birthday gift.

I love this picture. This is my little sister. It was her birthday and she was turning one.








To all my friends, how they support me and how much we love each other.




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