The life is so nice here and there; the school was so nice in my country. I go to the school with friends before the school start to get the books, it was so have but it was nice to starting the school and see my friends, my friends are so nice and I was so honest with them, also my teachers, I was so friendly to them, it was like the son and the father.

We didn't get classes in the first day like here because there are anew teachers in the school we need to talk to them to know them so we My country so nice to make fun I was with a big group there, I go out with my friends we walking out, we play a lot games together, I was so happy there, I was in soccer team with some friends, it was so interesting, I always early, because I love soccer, it’s really interesting. Here in this country I watch the T.V every night, because I don’t know a lot thing here, but I go some times to play billiards with my brother and his friends, and I spend my time in my brother   store, and I go once in a while to play soccer with my neighbors. Keep talking in the whole day.       





.  These pictures from my country (Palestine)


    The flag will take you to my favorite song in Palestine