MuSiC i LiStEnEd & LiStEnInG 2!!!

In New York there are a lot of different kinds of music – Pop, Rap, Rock, Samba etc,. I'm all in Rap, R & B and Hip-Hop. I listen it day and night, I never get tired of it, because almost every time I listen to something new. Back in Ukraine Rap wasn’t so popular when I lived there, mostly Pop.

I use to like 1 Pop group called “Hands Up” and I liked it a lot. They had all these cool songs about life & stuff that I liked so much. Music changes people, music changes people a lot. Back in Ukraine I was so quiet, shy and all the babyish stuffs, but now when I listen Rap & Hip-Hop I’m more like an adult. I’m not that shy, and ain’t quiet at all. Rap & Hip-Hop is no such a good kind of music for teenagers, cuz it makes them more amateur and they might get rough on some other people and things, but for me it’s not like that, for me it’s just music. Back in Ukraine I use to have parties with my friends all the time; all of my friends liked the same music I liked.