4 months ago, I feel so lonely, because I don’t have friends, I don’t speak English, I just at home everyday. I didn’t go anywhere. But now, I’m so happy. Because I have three good friends, we play together everyday. Sometimes I went to their houses and sometimes they went to my house, we study and play. I’m happy that I have o lot of friends. But I’m worried about my language. I didn’t speak too much English when I go out. Because maybe I just came here 4 months. Before I have not yet adapted to the climate. So I tried hard to adapt myself to the new condition, I think I need to speak English, only a little. Because I don’t understand too many words, I need to learn English. I brought the dictionary everyday. In the school, sometimes I don’t nothings about my class, my homework, I don’t understand English, but my teacher help me when I don’t know the words, they teach me a lot of things, and my friends were translated for me in the class. I feel I’m so lucky.

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