Words to describe myself


When I was in Thailand, I was the youngest at home, so I didn’t have many responsibilities to do. So my family called me that I was stubborn and lazy. I knew that I was lazy because I wanted to talk or played with friends all time but my grades were still good. I didn’t know how to send emails or how Internet works. I was outdated, too. When I’m in New York, I have many responsibilities to do. At school, I have to be eager to study and make a good grade because my parents have hope for me. At home, I have to clean up my room, wash the dishes after I ate and do laundry myself. If I don’t do laundry, no one will do that for me, then my clothes will be really stink and I won't have anything to wear, so I have to be responsible to everything. I also can cook and it doesn't taste bad. I used to cook for my cousins and they could eat it. They’re not hard for me if I try new things. Now I know how to send emails and I always chat with new people in Thai web site. I love to chat and that can make me happy and don’t miss my friends in Thailand so much. I think I changed a lot. I think I grew up and I'm better than when I was in Thailand because my parents are not here with me, so I have to take care and do everything myself.