When I was travel from the airport to my house I saw a lot of big buildings I never saw buildings very bigs I was so surprised because in my country I only saw little buildings if I compare to the buildings of Manhattan. In Ecuador in the mornings I saw some mountains and a lot of trees.

I in my country listen different kind of music in my country I listen merengue and reggae and a little bit of music pop in English but in New York I listen hip-hop and pop all in English because don’t exist good radio station of music in Spanish.

In my country I smell a air more pure because don’t exist a lot factories and we have more trees in New York exist a lot of factories these factories produce a lot of smoke and this smoke affect to all the population .

My physical appearance don’t have changes because I only live in this country two months and my physical appearance is the same to the  physical appearance in Ecuador.

I missing my friends in Ecuador because in Ecuador I have a lot friends I always played soccer with them and also I went to some parties with them we sometimes also was together in the weekends but in the United States I have many friends I only can soccer the Fridays in the school and I never go to parties and never see my friends the weekends too.

In the United States my favorite sport don’t is famous the majority of the boys prefer play basketball, baseball or football but they don’t like play soccer .

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