My mothers family                 

My siste Vilma                     

My mon,dad,and my sister               



My family is the most important in my life, now I live with my parents and sisters. I study with my twin sister Cindy, she is 5 minutes older than me, and she is opposite to me, sometimes I think that is not good to have a twin sister, because we always fighting. She thinks that I’m a little girl in her stupid pages but really is not true; she did it only for embarrassment me. My favorite sister is Vilma; she is 23 years old, she's working and study. She is like a little bit my mother, because she always is here when I need her, and also when she needed any favor I try to help her. My parents is not strict, they always help me when I need of them. “ I have a nice family”         

I have a good relationship with my mother's family because they alway is there when my mon needed something, also I live with them when a was a little child until I come to NY, was hard in the beginning live without them. My father's family come to NY when have one year nad before.i don, t have a near relationship when they go to Ecuador in vacation. So was difficult to start to live with person that that was unknow for me. I remember that in the beginning I have big problems with them, but now I don't have problems with them.