My friends and me at Graduation

Through out my life I learned that friends are very important. Without friends life would be boring and lonely. I always had many friends in Poland. Every summer all of my friends from my block, there were about 15 of them, had so much fun, and did a lot of new things. When my mom and dad were both in US my grandparents took care of my siblings and me. We traveled back and forth to my grandparent’s house and to my house in Lomza. During that time I made a lot of friends. Whenever I came back to my grandmother’s house I had always someone to hang out with. If I didn’t have any friends my childhood would be very boring and lonely. When I came to America I didn’t have a lot of friends. I was in 6th grade, most of the people knew each other. I could hear people laughing, speaking and having fun.   The only people I knew were my sister and my brother. After a while I started to  know different people and I started to make new friends. I had a lot of fun in the 8th grade. I will never forget all the times I did really stupid, stupid things. I want forget all of the nice things my friends wrote in autograph book and my yearbook. Also when graduation day came I was really sad. I was leaving all of my friends and a part of me was saying I would never see them again.

Me and my best friend from U.S.


Last day of Junior High School


This is my friend Tati and her  "cousin"  Michal.


My best friend from Poland

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