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Choose from this list of Popular Books
 Chosen by Students at the PANYC & Connections
 Book Fair/Share, February 11, 2002

  1. Zhalta�s Diary � the true story of a teenage girl living in a war zone

  2. The Alchemist � a young man looking for his �treasure� in life goes on a journey from Spain through North Africa

  3. No More Saturday Nights � learn what happens to a poor girl when she gets pregnant

  4. It Happened to Nancy � a true story of a young girl who contacts HIV

  5. Oliver Twist � an orphan learns how to survive on the streets and wishes to find parents

  6. Dracula � a vampire causes enormous fear in England as he finds his victims

  7. Forever � does love really last forever? Read about two teens and their relationship

  8. The Outsiders � teenagers from different social status learn about the realities of life

  9. Go Ask Alice � the true story of a girl who becomes a drug addict

  10. Harry Potter � leave this world behind and travel to a world of magic and wizards

  11. Treacherous Love � a young girl looks for love in the wrong place�with a teacher!

  12. One Fat Summer � Was he ever going to loose weight? Will the fat boy prove something to his friends and himself?

  13. The Voice on the Radio � follow the life of a girl as she chooses between her real family and her adopted family and solves a mystery, too.

  14. The Stepsister � keep you awake all night reading this book about an evil stepsister � or is she really the evil one?

  15. Romiette and Julio � two young people from different �groups� fall in love, but their families & friends try to tear them apart.

  16. Captain Underpants � laugh out loud at the funny adventures of two young guys who are always causing trouble at school

  17. Tears of a Tiger � Have you ever felt guilty? Read this story about a young person�s terrible death and the friend who blames himself for it

Other Suggestions

  1. Felita & Going Home

  2. That was Then, This is Now

  3. Are you There God, It's Me Margaret

  4. Stone Fox

  5. Final Fantasy

  6. The Girlfriend

  7. If you Loved Me

  8. The Giver

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