Projects and Adventures in New York City
 Spring 2002

Welcome to our Web site.

Scroll to the right at the bottom of the red frame. You'll find information about our classes, descriptions of the projects we are working on, and work created by our students. We use this space on the World Wide Web to help students to improve their skills as Internet researchers, communicators, writers and artists.

PANYC, which is pronounced /'pan-ik/, is a cluster of classes for 9th and 10th Graders at the International High School at LaGuardia Community College, Long Island City, New York. Burt Rosenberg is our principal.

Our cluster of classes is called PANYC because we use Projects and Adventures to study New York City. Each day, a PANYC student takes four classes: a science class with Judi Chilowitz; a history class with Terry Judson; a mathematics class with Persheen Maxwell; and a seminar class with Paul Allison and Carol Tureski where we try to bring everything together using reading, writing, talking, and Netspeak. This final way of communicating includes e-mail, discussion boards, chat rooms, a virtual classroom, and Web sites like the one you are in right now.

Welcome to PANYC! We invite you to stay as long as you wish, and we encourage you to return often. Teachers add new bits of curriculum every week, and students are uploading new pieces of writing, art, and music to this site all the time.

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