Fifty Concerns and Questions of PANYC Students
Spring 2002

How we came up with this list:

1. War & Peace/Terrorism

  1. Is it true that all Muslims are terrorists?

  2. Why do people try to take power from other people?

  3. Should people kill each other just because of their color?

  4. Can people of different religions live together?

  5. Should everybody believe in the same God?

  6. Does coming from a different country make you different?

  7. Should all young men go to war?

  8. Should everybody register for the army?

  9. Does war stop you from having a girlfriend or boyfriend?

2. The Future

  1. Why is it so hard to connect dreams with reality?

  2. Will we find happiness?

  3. After you go through a lot of changes, can home ever be the same?

  4. Should women have more freedom than they do now?

  5. Should everyone follow their family traditions?

3. Family

  1. Is your family and their traditions more important than your life?

  2. Does each person in a family have to be the same?

  3. Should people have the right to choose their own family?

  4. Can parents understand their kids?

  5. Do parents care more about themselves than their kids?

  6. Are adults always right? Do parents know best?

  7. Should teenagers do what their parents say, if they don't feel like it?

  8. Why do parents tell children what they have to do?

  9. Why do stupid parents get divorced?

4. Work, Education, and Career

  1. Should teenagers be allowed to work at the age of 14?

  2. Should a teenager work?

  3. Should teenagers be forced to read even if they don't want to?

  4. Do people know how to express themselves?

5. Sex

  1. Should teenagers wait until they are 20 to have sex?

  2. At what age should people start having sex?

  3. Should there be any limits on how much sex people have?

  4. Why do some people cheat on their partners?

6. Relationships & Friendships

  1. Is revenge in relationships valid?

  2. Can you live without friends?

  3. Should everybody have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

  4. Should all girls have boyfriends by the time they are 15?

  5. Do you have to have friends to be happy in life?

  6. Should people force their friends how to think about life?

  7. Should you be honest with friends no matter how hard?

  8. When is it okay to have fights with your friends?

  9. Will everyone meet one person and fall in love?

  10. Should teens have long relationships?

7. Drugs

  1. Should some drugs like marihuana be legalized?

  2. Should teenagers take drugs one time to try?

  3. Should people under the age of 21 be allowed to drink?

  4. If I can live alone when I'm 18, why can't I drink at that age?

8. Racism

  1. Should ethnic background matter in a relationship? or anything?

  2. Should people only date people in their own race?

  3. Should people get married if they believe in different religions?

  4. Are most people racist?

  5. Should different races be segregated the way they are in NYC?

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