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On this page, explain and show how you used dilation to reconstruct some part(s) of your design.

Use both descriptive sentences and specific coordinates to explain the differences between a section of your design and its dilation.

Identify specific points on the original section by giving the coordinates (x,y) for those points, then give the coordinates (x,y) for the dilated section.

Give the mathematical equation that explains each dilation.




maybe more...

These are the *.jpg's that you made for each step when you reconstructed your whole design using only transformations of sections.

See "Steps to making your design by transformations in the Geometer's Sketchpad" on the Transformations page.

  • The third step there reads: SAVE EACH STEP -- using names like reflect1, reflect2, rotate1, rotate2...
  • The fourth step says:
    Use "Snag It" to make a *.jpg of each step of your reconstruction.


Some students will use images in the background of this page.

You may also add small images from the Internet to the text.

Create hyperlinks to these five pages, which should already be saved in your stringart folder:






Set your
 hyperlinks to go to
Target Frame,
 New Window.

Use a template under File, New to create a table for your page.


Under Table, Insert a table that has at least 2 columns and a number of rows depending on how many rotation *.jpg's you have.

  • put the title on the first row
  • put the required *.jpg's beside each of the explanations on next rows
  • put the required links on the last row.

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