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You can use the writing you did in Nicenet.org for Question #5 in the Conference "Describe a section of your String Art Project."

Copy and paste your answer to this question...
then add another section showing how to plot this one equation with another one on a graph to show where these two lines intersect.

Describe where these two lines intersect.

For those of you with curved lines in your design:
What line is formed by the intersections of all of the lines in your section?

How does this help you to describe the curved lines on your String Art Design?



You need to open the your section.gsp in Sketchpad, then save it as section2.gsp.

Change the color or thickness of the lines that you are describing on this page, and put a point with a label at the intersection of those two lines.

After all of that, make a "Snag It version" of this file. Insert your section2.jpg on this page.


Some students will use images in the background of this page.

You may also add small images from the Internet to the text.

Create hyperlinks to these two pages, which should already be saved in your stringart folder:



Set your
 hyperlinks to go to
Target Frame,
 New Window.

Keep or make the section2.jpg about 300 pixels wide. 

Use a template under File, New to create a table for your page.


Under Table, Insert a table that has at least 2 columns and  2 rows so that you can put the images and links beside the text.

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