Subj: letter from ADAM 
Date: 2/11/2002 10:47:22 AM Eastern Standard Time
To: Allisonpr, [email protected], [email protected], CTureski

Dear Paul  Alison Judi Chilowitz Terry Judson Carol Tureski
            I’m writing this letter to all of you because I want tell my opinion about our class and work that we are doing . Also how I’m feeling about it.

Hi Carol! I’m happy to be in your class. On the begin I didn’t like to read, but now I like to. But I still don’t like to write feedbacks and other things. Sometimes is hard, because I don’t understand what I’m reading. I like to be in PANYC with other people. I will try to read more books and doing my homework.

Hi Paul! On the begin of the year everything was hard for me to doing homework on computers, because a lot of times I was absent and I don’t know computers. I didn’t know how to do some things. But I will like your class. I will do every homework. In this semester I understood that everyone want to help me. But you should do more explanation and more help some students.

Hi Judi! I like to be in your class, because its very interesting and I like things like that. I like to watch movies and doing projects. In first semester I didn’t understand some things about fingerprints, because I was absent and wasn’t doing my work. But I will try to do everything better. I think you should do more experiments.

Hi Terry! I very like your classes, because I like presentation, but I’m scared when I say something wrong in English everyone will laugh at me. But something we’re studying boring things like about Iroquois. I also like it, because we’re studying about agriculture and things like that. I love to be in your class with other PANYC students. We have a lot of free time and were doing our work in groups that is good for us to practice our English.