Date: 1/31/2002 1:51:45 PM Eastern Standard Time
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  Wus popin’ ?

            Ma teachers!!!

This semester was okay, but 1st sememster was betta…

In 2nd semester on some tests I did better than in 1st, but actually I didn’t do all tha HW and ty persheen for passin’ me w/out week 4&5, but I have it!!!

With Ms. Judy’s class I’m kewl, but my dear Ms. Terry I don’t knoe why ya gave me bad grade?¿?¿? As well as Ms. Carol remember u said if I guess the word u’ll give me A+, but I have A. (I’m going to court) LMAO.      

Mista Paul…. The thing I like in ur class is computers, but I don’t like when u’re like don’t go there until ya do this than this etc,… I’m thinking to improve in my tests and class activity this semester so my mom don’t kill me…Last semester I liked doing the web page for Gangsta Paul, Ms. Judy I like the fingerprints topic, in ur class Ms. Terry I didn’t like the Jackson heights essay, but I liked the trip J, Ms. Carol ur class is kind a babyish.. We aren’t baby’s n e more. And of course Mr. Persheen ur class was good when we used calculators.

Teachers I want you to know that I don’t have time to study, cause I’m trying to get into baseball team… so I have no time LOL… j/k

I want to work on my skills in baseball ( I need some more).

Being PA student is ok, but nothing special. As a student it’s not enough fun in here, sooo THINK ABOUT IT… Well that’s kinda all I have to say so far!!!… U’re good teachers, BUT NOT ALWAYS (SOMETIMES U R 2 STRICTED)


See Ya Later!!!