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Date: 2/1/2002 12:50:56 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: Allisonpr, [email protected], [email protected], CTureski

Dear Paul, Persheen, Carol, and Judi:

I’m glad to write this letter to you to let you know how I feel about each of your classes. This last semester I got to say it was a very confusing semester in all the classes, and it felt very frustrating.
In my opinion what should gone better is the organization of each class sometimes thing got too together and some projects weren’t hand in on time, and what have to in prove is basically the same thing about organizing the class and the time thing are hand in, I know some student including my self were a little late with things, but in my case I guess it was a moment were I was going crazy and I took a brake but at the end I hand most of my work.
Well I think what I did better was working in groups and class participation and other things, but what didn’t go so well for me this semester was handing work in, maybe it was my problem but going back to what I was saying about the problems of the class organization and other problems I also think that. Sometime we didn’t have anybody to help us get our things done. I know is our responsibility to try to make it on time.  But I also know that is your responsibility to help student’s we their work.
In this semester am looking forward to more trips. In Mr. Persheen class, and in other class all want is to start a new topics and Ms: Judi (please stop with the D N A)
I don’t think I want to improve anything, but I want the teachers to improve once more their organization, am looking forward to see how are the classes going to be this new semester.
What makes me feel good about been a panyc student is that we do thing different and I like my teacher and they let us say what we want. But one of the things that upset me is my lunch period, I know is not really a big deal but still….

Thank you for letting me expresses my self to you through this letter!