����������� Panyc #2,Daniel           ����������������������� ����������������������� ����������� Jan 31st, 2002


Hi dear teachers,

I�m writing this because I want to you to know that what I think about what has been and what should be. So, first I will tell you what went particularly well in each class of yours.

Paul, in your classI think that in everything basically I went well. Except for the part including technology. Uploading the web pages was the worse though. I couldn�t finish, and now I have an incomplete. I couldn�t ask for help because everybody was so advanced, and certainly I was not. I could not ask for help if I didn�t have anything. It kind of embarrassed me though.

Pershen, in your class I would do 80% better if wasn�t for the vocabulary words. If there were tests, I would guarantee passing. In miss Judi�s class, I couldn�t be any better. I participated and also great grades from your tests.

Terry, in your class I think I could be better if I had done some of the homework tough. But in the tests I had also really good grades.

Carol, in your class everything was great. Except for the time I couldn�t concentrate because of some of my classmates.

��������� I could have done better in each one of you, but think I�m the only one who should be blamed here.

����������� About what I did well in the whole semester, I can say that the exams were the part most well done. In all exams I had good grades. That was the best part for me. I expect more silence from my classmates. To concentrate in this semester was really difficult.

����������� In this semester I want to be more organized and hardworking.

����������� I like Panyc, and all my classmates too. What I like being panyc is that people yet still friendly. But we could be better if we didn�t isolate people from our class.

Sincerely,�� Daniel