Date: 2/7/2002 9:55:13 AM Eastern Standard Time
To: [email protected]
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Dear Paul, Judi, Terry, Persheen, and Carol


I think the class that I did well was in Mr. Paul because I was doing my work like I suppose to do, but in Miss Judi class I didn’t well because that stuffs from science was boring. In Mr. Terry I did well in participating, but I forget to give the work that I suppose give. In Persheen I did work but I forget to handing some work with Miss Carol I did read the books that I suppose to read I did some, but not all the work.

I think if I would complete the work that I suppose and pay more attention to the classes I would have a better grade.

Now that I pass the semester with incomplete grades I think I learn to pay more attention and do the work in each class.

Well in this semester I am not worried about nothing because I think I will do my best to have good grades. I wish I the teachers would know that am a good reader because I read the newspaper every day also I very good in history I think I would to advance world history because I already know about some stuffs that we do. I think this semester I would like to do more projects like in science or to research in social studies also to have better classes of math. The true of all of this is that I don’t like Panyc because there is too much computer work and also I don’t like miss Judi class and mr Paul class.