Subj: Its me jessica, from pa 01!! 
Date: 2/1/2002 12:51:14 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: Allisonpr, [email protected], [email protected], CTureski

Dear Mr. Paul, and other teachers:

This is just a fast letter I would like you to read.
The last semester was not that easy for me, at the beginning I was really confused about the web page we were ask to do. But sincerely I think your class is a good example of how the students help their classmates, and by helping everyone we made it.
I honestly think you can improve your class by been organize when you give us an assignment. I say this because sometimes, or maybe most of the times I, and a lot of other students were ask to do a lot of things at the same time, an not only that but also those things had nothing to do with each other. Also what was uncomfortable for me and other students is that we had to move a lot from the computer lab to the art room, and then back to the computer lab, and that happened in the middle of the classes, so it caused us to get a little confused.
The BIGGEST problem that I see here (and this go to all the teachers) is that we never (I mean most of the times) have our 5 minutes brake between classes. And it happens over and over. Ms Judi usually keeps up 2 or 3 minutes, and by the time we get down stairs we have to go right away to class, and then the same thing happens with Mr. Terry, he gives the homework after 10:25. Then the two last periods we used to have them in the same room, and many times we didn’t even have a brake!!
What I’d like to study this semester is maybe art, but not to put it in the computer, just paint and express your self that way.
In math class I would like to learn a lot of new things, but in a different way, I will be better if Mr. Persheen teaches us in a more funny way. Like we did one day that we went out of the classroom and did some measurements, it wasn’t easy, but it was fun.
Ms. Carol, your class is one of my favorites, not only because I like to read but because the way you teach makes the class more interesting.
What I like about been a Panyc student is that the students have a lot of support not only for the teachers, but from the classmates. What I mean is that in Panyc we learn how to help the people around us.

                                         Jessica PANYC 01