Subj: letter for all my teachers 
Date: 1/31/2002 10:25:47 AM Eastern Standard Time
To: Allisonpr, [email protected], [email protected], Persheen, CTureski

DEAR: Ms. Judi
From your Dear Jorge L. 
I think the my last semester was very bad because I think I don't put effort you know not the much because I really I didn't understand your class about " DNA" and I know is my fault but now I  realize the I need to improve this class and also the other class because I want to have at least "B" in all my classes because I have all   "C"   except Ms. Carol I got " A " with Mr.Paul. what I think I did well in your class was Fingerprint , hair , and you know the letter to check who write the letter . what I want to do for next semester is to stop playing with all my friends in your class . But I'm sorry about what happen last semester in your class .  what I like to you to see when I understand is when I do my h.w. and when I do my work for by my self .
Dear: Ms Carol
I think I did well in your class and I just want you to tell you the I was scare because in the beginning of the semester you tell me the I'm going to fell your class so I start working hard and reading more . And thank you for all your help.
Dear: Mr. Paul
I think I did well because I learn a lot  , when I go to my house I do everything the I learn in my house for example to find another " Z " drive you know with map something . what I did well was my web page I put some pictures and also I put music and I write about me ,family and all my friend .and also I write in you know were is tapped in I did all your work in this semester and I want to improve your class you is you do better you get more credit for it and I need credit because I want to be in the team of baseball of the school I just want you to thank for all your help in computer lap
Dear : persheen
I know I need to improve my work and also I will try to stop talking in your class I'm sorry but I cant control my self when I talk you know you was I kid too so you know what kid do when there are in the school what i did well was some of the vocavulary and that is what i want to improve in you class  what i want to do for improve my calss is to stop talking and do all my homework . And thak you for you time .